Monday, December 13, 2010

Hi, Can I get something that can keep me alive?

Nothing catchy, but an ideal rainy day in Mumbai it was ladies and gentlemen. An evening, when you admire every single drop coming out of God's own playground. A cup of cappuccino and a white shirt (typical filmy) would've gone perfect with it, but perfect, was a word that was like an urban legend to me. Being down with heavy fever (106 degrees that is) with no one in the flat and no food... oh wait a minute, did I mention about the unavailability of medication? No I didn't. This situation was perfect for every sarcastic individual and I was no different.  4th of July, I still remember the date, because you generally don’t forget dates that could have been your last.  I was hardly alive that day and the funny fact was that I was around 600 miles away from my home and family. All I needed that moment was some care, some food, some love and some statement like "you're alright dude... be a man"; in short, I needed my mom. Even a girlfriend would have done the trick but I was never able to afford one due to my 'mirror cracking looks'. What happened to me? Why was I feeling so helpless? I'd been away from home for more than two years and I never felt anything even close. The answer was simple... I was a tough guy, but I was not immortal. In a condition where I can't even move my index finger, I was supposed to go to a medical shop that was almost a kilometer away from my room, which was as possible as A.K Hangal doing salsa. All I could've done was that (1) I could've waited for fate to deliver a judgment on me, or (2) I could've gathered my will and walked all the way to the medical store coz that day, our beloved bhaiyyas were on a strike. With scarcity of options, I chose the later one and went out hunting for some medicine.  The moment I stepped out of my building, scenario was epic! I was wearing a shawl and was walking erratically like Amitabh Bacchan from 70's with a bullet in his chest. People were staring at me like anything and I could even hear few aunties whispering, “He’s on drugs I guess”. I could’ve really appreciated their help rather than their stares, but I don’t blame them, coz in our country, a person’s misery is a tax free entertainment after all. After some 20 steps, I came face to face with a term that I only had heard about, hallucination. For a moment, the world became mute and I was kind of floating on the road. That was the moment when I realized the need of taking a halt and I sat on a bench outside a building. A security guard, almost half my size, gently abused me and described how he’ll kick my ass if I’ll not move. I literally laughed at his face and started walking. A person, who in normal conditions would’ve got stuck in my nose if I inhaled strongly, was nothing less than Andre the Giant for me at that moment. After gathering strength from each and every molecule of my body, I continued walking and finally reached my destination. The medical store looked so divine to me that I felt like taking off my shoes before getting in. A lady, around 50, was sitting on the counter; she gave me a smile for some reason I don’t know why. On an ordinary day, it would’ve looked like a smile of a cougar, but that day, it was a smile of an angel to me. With my brain filled with thousand emotions, I told her, “Hi, can I get something that can keep me alive?” she smiled again. She was not a doctor, but she was definitely not bad at diagnosing an ill guy. She gave me few medicines and described the course. When I lifted that eco friendly paper bag full of medicines, the feeling was same as what M.S Dhoni would’ve felt while lifting the T-20 world cup trophy. When I got out of the store, fortunately, another lady gave me a smile and she was none other than the lady luck herself. The auto rickshaw strike was over and I got a rickshaw this time for going back home, I guess they say it right; fortune favors the brave, huh.  After a dose of medicine and a sound sleep, I felt better, in fact, I felt much better coz it was like winning a war, a war from the situations. Fever bought me in such a position that at one point, I wasn’t even able to move my index finger, but in the end, I showed it my middle finger!